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In most bullet hell games, grazing is optional.
In 10-Second Hell, grazing is essential.

10-Second Hell is a bullet hell shooter with a unique twist where you have to graze bullets as much as you can to upgrade your ship as much as possible to destroy enemies as fast as possible since you can only shoot for 10 seconds.

Please read the install instructions!

Known bugs:

  • You can't actually finish it... you'll know it's done when no enemies spawn, sorry about that...


  • There's an in-game tutorial, you don't really need to read this
  • If you do want to read this:
  • Hold the LEFT MOUSE button to fire
  • Hold the RIGHT MOUSE button and/or SPACEBAR and move the MOUSE to move your ship
  • ESC pauses/unpauses the game

Made in a week for the Bullet Hell Jam 2021, theme being 10 seconds.

Install instructions

  1. Run the 10SecondHell.exe file
  2. Select a folder that is NOT the one the file is currently in (I made a dumb mistake of naming the file the same as the game's .exe, so the game's .exe isn't created at all)
  3. Click "Extract"
  4. Open the directory you extracted the game to
  5. Open "10SecondHell.exe"
  6. Enjoy :)


10-Second Hell 28 MB

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